Introduction to the development direction of microfluidic technology

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Microfluidic, essentially in micron scale manipulation technology of liquid, is a kind of technology. We use the tools for new exploration and industrial applications. First, in this scale, the fluid is often different from macroscale fluid properties, such as the laminar flow; Secondly, using the microfluidic can very easy to generate and control the micro droplet; At the same time, due to the cells, large molecules ( Proteins, nucleic acids, etc. ) These basic body size in the range of life, therefore, microfluidic research on cells especially single cells, cells and the relationship between the most effective way.

so, I must first clear, microfluidic as a technology platform, actually has a considerable influence on scientific research. For now, microfluidic also lacks a killer app ( 杀手级应用) Is irreplaceable, especially for our lives. I think the main reason is the lack of related supporting industry, its cost is high. Current research research introduction of microfluidic chip core was often mobile phone size, but large control part. In microfluidic chip to toward industrialization application. But I still think microfluidic has great application prospect in the future. Is one of the most easy to see in the POCT, IVD.

industrial application is more about efficiency, and the POCT and IVD industry is fastest microfluidic chip to produce profits. Once the window open, related supporting industries, policy, personnel, and these will slowly up to enterprise, then microfluidic will have more application platform. Microfluidic does better composite particles, control of reaction, but the cost is high, the design is multifarious. While using this platform will be better able to achieve some purpose, but for the enterprise, benefit is quite poor. However, when one day you found that the design of the chip is modular, chip processing is very mature, the chip is very easy to control costs and low at the same time, at that time, companies also will slowly using the microfluidic technology.
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