Introduction to laser engraving in daily use process need to be aware of

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Introduction to laser engraving in daily use process need to be aware of where the
laser engraving machine has many places need to pay attention to in daily use, if do not pay attention to these matters, will greatly reduce the service life of laser engraving machine. Here summarize laser engraving machine for everybody in daily use process need to know & other; These things & throughout; 。

1, laser engraving machine should be placed on the desktop, not tilt.
2, laser engraving machine should prevent the strong vibration, moves should be fixed cart and the car, in case the vibration cause light path deviation or laser cracking.
3, laser tube fulcrum to reasonable installation, protection should be in a quarter of the total length of laser tube place, otherwise it will cause the laser tube speckle pattern becomes bad, some work for a period of time of light into a few points, causes the laser power drop can't meet the requirements, constantly in the tube.
4, the cooling system to ground, often clean water tank and water, refrigeration temperature control water tank temperature control points to be rational, otherwise causing the deterioration of condensation power and laser tube is easy to damage, pipe head loss, shorten the service life of cold water, sometimes doesn't work, cause the switch tube.
5, suction device should be check regularly clean up, clean up the fan duct, otherwise a lot of smoke dust not to go out, can contaminate the lens and the laser tube, make each mechanical electronic parts easy to cause bad contact oxidation.
6, focus lens and mirrors, working frame is calorific, lens surface discoloration rust, take off the film cracking are to replace the object, especially a lot of clients with large air pump and air compressor, so quickly the water on the focus lens, so you have to check the lens (on time Laser tube out of the mouth of light) Light path system cleaning and quality.
7, laser engraving machine with high voltage, professional technology personnel shall not open the case for repair, in case of electric shock.
8, laser engraving machine work must be protected from staff or other personnel hand or use the eyes to watch, to prevent laser damage to skin and eyes.
in this paper, by the laser engraving, this view does not represent the views
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