Introduction of important structure and important function of stone engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-10
The structure of the stone engraving machine is complex, and the users who have used it should have a deep understanding, but even so, the use of the stone engraving machine is not very difficult. In fact, many users do not know much about the structure of the stone engraving machine and each component, so today Xiaobian wants to introduce the important components of the stone engraving machine. The machine tool body is the mechanical and mechanical structure entity of the stone engraving machine, mainly including the main moving parts and the feed moving parts (Such as Workbench, tool holder), Supporting parts (Such as bed, column, etc). In addition, CNC machine tools such as stone engraving machine are also equipped with supporting devices such as cooling, lubrication, indexing components, tool setting and measurement. Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools have undergone great changes in the overall layout, appearance, transmission mechanism, tool system and operating mechanism, the purpose is to meet the requirements of numerical control technology and give full play to the characteristics of stone engraving machines. To sum up, it includes the following changes: Stone engraving machine adopts high-performance main transmission and spindle components. It has the advantages of large transmission power, high rigidity, good vibration resistance and small thermal deformation. The feed transmission of stone engraving machine adopts high-efficiency transmission parts. It has the characteristics of short transmission chain, simple structure, high transmission precision and the like, and generally adopts ball screw pair, linear rolling guide pair, etc. Stone engraving machine has perfect automatic tool exchange and management system. Stone engraving machines generally have automatic workpiece exchange, workpiece clamping and relaxation mechanisms in machining centers. Stone engraving machine itself has high dynamic and static rigidity. Stone engraving machine adopts fully enclosed cover. Since the stone carving machine tool is automatically completed, in order to operate safely, the fully enclosed cover of the mobile door structure is generally adopted to completely seal the processing parts of the machine tool. For semi-closed-loop and closed-loop stone engraving machines, there is also a detection feedback device, whose function is to detect the actual motion speed, direction, displacement and processing State of the machine tool, the test results are converted into electrical signals and fed back to the CNC device. The detection and feedback devices mainly include inductosyn, grating, encoder, magnetic grid and laser rangefinder. Through the introduction of the structure of the stone engraving machine, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the stone engraving machine, I hope that everyone can use the stone engraving machine well.
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