In this way, the oiling step of woodworking engraving machine can be completed

by:Transon     2020-02-29
Generally, before the formal use of woodworking engraving machines, oil is required. This is a very important step. If you ignore it, it will directly affect its operation, so I hope everyone can realize its importance. Let's take a look at how to oil the woodworking engraving machine. The details are as follows: everyone usually emphasizes the maintenance of the woodworking engraving machine, and it is heavy to oil the mechanical action part, but the way you oiled is right. I am not a mechanical person. I don't know the exact treatment method. I just want to give you a reference for the problems encountered in repairing the machine, today, I repaired a screw machine of woodworking engraving machine. The fault is that the y axis cannot move. With the hum of the motor, first check that the motor and the coupling are all right, the lead screw is also full of butter, check that the line is OK, the card and the line are normal, and it is normal to remove the motor and rotate it, if the machine is turned to a very low speed and can occasionally move, it is judged that either the power supply is insufficient or the lead screw is not stuck, because there is no power supply to replace the test, therefore, we can only start with the lead screw first, asking the customer to say that the oil is very diligent, and it will be up to half a month, in order to facilitate the direct butter. There will be friction in the parts of the woodworking engraving machine during the processing operation. In order to avoid damage caused by friction, it is necessary to oil the woodworking engraving machine at intervals. However, remember not to blindly oil the screw of woodworking engraving machine. Frequent oil loading will affect the work of woodworking engraving machine and damage the parts of woodworking engraving machine. These contents are the specific oiling methods for woodworking engraving machines introduced by Xiaobian. Generally, if you follow the requirements, you will not make mistakes.
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