Guangdong sheet metal laser cutting machine, the quality after-sales good manufacturers

by:Transon     2021-01-08
Guangdong sheet metal laser cutting machine which companies after good quality? China laser equipment factory is a famous domestic sheet metal laser cutting machine manufacturer, is a fortune 500 companies, Toyota designated cooperation manufacturers. China laser laser equipment factory in guangdong, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang has covers an area of 100000 m&sup 2; Production base, more than 100 sets/precision machinery processing equipment, with various professional skills employees more than 500, annual sales of more than 10000 / set, products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, service outlets across the country.

although sheet metal laser cutting machine is a new technique developed in the 20th century, but its rapid development speed, especially in recent years have penetrated into all walks of life, its development foreground is promising. As the need to use a large number of stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances industry, its processing type to reach thousands of less, with the number of kitchen utensils and appliances industry requirements, more species requirements. Sheet metal laser cutting machine because of its processing without mould cost, drawing software can complete the formation of different specifications products, under the same cost, to produce more types of products come out, so its advantage more prominent.

sheet metal laser cutting machine on the market price is uneven, the manufacturer is full of beautiful things in eyes. Many consumers have a doubt, 'like, work with the same equipment, why the price differ so far? In fact this is a trap, industry also needs to be one's deceased father grind on the elapsed time. Price is a weakness of human nature, a lot of 'dirty' manufacturer product packaging imitating big brand manufacturers do, but equipment accessories are in the worst configuration of the lowest price. Know some product knows, a laser cutting machine at the core, is the most expensive laser, an important factor of core parts are good or bad decision equipment. But in addition to the Chinese laser equipment factory in the domestic well-known brand, are choose the highest quality at home and abroad with various components manufacturers are few and far between. So many clients thought made cheaper, in fact, be in the tens of thousands of dollars bought a one-time product.

China laser equipment factory of sheet metal laser cutting machine and what is the advantage in comparison to other manufacturers?

1, is different from the structure of high rigid reinforced aluminum welding lathe bed, imported large gantry milling, secondary annealing, effectively eliminate the stress, the machine more stable.
2, different from the low-end brand, choose the original import/domestic well-known brand fiber laser generator, light are of good quality and stable output power, to achieve high precision cutting.
3, China laser equipment factory of independent research and development to optimize internal guide rail drive system, has applied for a patent, in ensuring the stability of the situation, the guide rail system structure is lighter, raising the speed of the machine.
4, using the original import lens matters, different from peers domestic lens or Singapore lens, the matters of the company's focus lens is one of the best quality, more transparent and less heat loss, improve drastically cutting effect.
5, software system powerful, full closed-loop laser cutting control system and functions of automatic focus, with high-speed punch and automatic search function.
6, electrical components adopt schneider, Siemens and other international brands, in line with the 3 c and CE certification, standardized industrial wiring, different from the small manufacturer of wire box, electrical interference resistance stronger.

meet a right person, one of the company, one of the partners is doomed fate, is brief encounter. China laser laser equipment factory has been your most loyal sheet metal laser cutting machine manufacturer, we wait for perfect encounter with you!
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