Graphite engraving machine instructions

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Graphite engraving machine instructions: 1, graphite engraving machine can choose off-line operation ( Handle control) Large, with 2 g SD memory card, or choose to connect the computer work, movement control CARDS, Ethernet network function of can be implemented easily and achieve more than a computer controlled carving machine, save the computer resources; 2, under the online state has three axis independent alarm functions, can be abnormal to throw in the processing step, the system automatically stops running, triaxial downtime, protection materials are not damaged; 3, graphite engraving machine quickly read large files (G code To avoid waiting time long handle reading files) ; 4, the handle is equipped with heavy carved button, convenient operation; 5, spindle start-stop, cooling switch, processing automatically when open, at the end of the closed automatically.
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