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by:Transon     2021-01-11
On June 28, 2018 in the afternoon, shunde good corporate leadership to visit our headquarters in dongguan investigation and communication. By laser equipment factory group deputy general manager of China zhuofei warm reception of the distinguished guests, and conducted in-depth discussions.

in the first place, ZhuoFuZong and association visited the office products, visit our showroom in the display equipment and sample, from ZhuoFuZong detailed answer to understand the point and its application field of laser equipment technology. Association of a line of laser equipment to China laser equipment factory group were all showed a strong interest.

then came to the meeting room on the fourth floor has carried on the discussion. By laser equipment factory group deputy general manager of China zhuofei is the origin and development of laser equipment factory laser group and strategy, technology research and development highlights, high-end laser equipment, and so on has carried on the detailed introduction.

as a representative of the laser automatic processing of national enterprises, China laser laser equipment factory group focused on industrial laser equipment manufacturing for 18 years, followed the pace of the market, technology applications from food and clothing live line to large industrial manufacturing and other fields.

in the end, in the interactive link, ZhuoFuZong invited business leaders present questions you want to know, questions surrounding the operation ways of foreign trade sales and skills, improve the atmosphere active.

through the communication, association, enterprise deepened the understanding of the Chinese laser laser equipment factory group, of laser technology and equipment have their own unique insights, believe in the future business cooperation, can with you together, make progress together.
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