Engraving machine wear condition judgment method

by:Transon     2020-04-22
The net friend to ask: how to use the simple method to judge the CNC engraving machine tool wear? Yifan, CNC, CNC engraving machine wear is everyone is more of a problem and serious tool wear, will seriously affect the engraving machine production efficiency. How to judge the tool wear is simple and effective, has the vital significance in the process of production. CNC engraving machine tool wear condition judgment method is summarized as & amp; 宝贝, A listen to two watch three feeling & amp; ”, 。 Specific methods are as follows: (1) listen to the voice of the CNC engraving machine work, whether a piercing cry; (2) listen to the spindle, the spindle is a significant turn suppress phenomenon; (3) sensory processing of vibration, the vibration of the spindle is significant; (4) engraving machining effect, processed bottom knife and downs ( If this start turning depth too deep) 。
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