Engraving machine problems to which attention should be paid before installation

by:Transon     2020-04-21
The net friend to ask: carving machine when installation should pay attention to what issues? As far as possible detailed description! Yifan, nc: (1) do not install this equipment when lightning or thunder, do not install socket in damp places, do not touch uninsulated power cord. (2) computer operator must go through rigorous training work must pay attention to the personal safety and the safety of the machine in the process, and strictly in accordance with the procedures to operate the computer engraving machine. (3) the power supply voltage for 210 v - 230 v, if the power supply voltage instability or surrounded by high power electric equipment, please be sure to select regulated power supply in under the guidance of professional and technical personnel. (4) engraving machine, control cabinet must be ground wire, data cable is not charged. 5. Don't wear gloves operation staff, the best wear protective goggles. 6 for the steel structure of longmen manipulator part aviation aluminum castings, relatively soft, when the mounting screw ( Especially when installing engraving machine) Don't be too hard to prevent slippery silk. 7) cutting tools must be installed and clamping, keep sharp knives, a blunt knife will bring down the carving quality motor overload.
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