Engraving machine maintenance, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting needs to pay attention to what?

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Engraving machine maintenance, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of engraving machine for precision numerical control equipment, necessary routine maintenance and maintenance of the service life of the machine and its accuracy is very important. Please click the following requirements for maintenance and maintenance. Carving machine maintenance, continuous running time under 10 hours a day, ensure the normal work of the cooling water clean and the water pump, must not water shortage phenomenon in a spindle motor, regular replacement of cooling water, in order to prevent the water temperature is too high. If working environment temperature is too low in winter can replace the water inside cistern with antifreeze. Engraving machine 2, each machine after use, should pay attention to clean up, be sure to clean up the dust on the platform and the transmission system, on a regular basis ( A week) The drive system ( Three axis X, Y, Z) Lubricating oil. ( Note: X, Y, Z three axis polished rod with oil for maintenance; Add the butter screw rod part; If working environment temperature is too low in winter screw, polished rod ( Square guide or circular guide) First part should use gasoline to wash clean, then add oil, otherwise it will cause machine transmission part of the resistance is too large and cause dislocation. ) Three, to the electrical appliances maintenance checks is, must cut off power supply, to be no display and main circuit power supply after lights out, may. Engraving machine engraving machine maintenance parameter changes ( D macro system) : manufacturers parameter changes. Input password: NCSTUDIO click 'ok') The workbench trip: ( According to the machine type and decide) System parameters: on the basis of the default and then the first four items are selected. Motor parameters: if the lead is 10, 0. If the lead is 5 0 0062. 003125 jump frequency: 300 z axis maximum speed: 1000 single spindle acceleration: 400 curve acceleration: 300 maintenance engraving machine engraving machine can't work normally, may be its internal components out of the problem or other reasons, the following will introduce general issues often. ( 1) One of three axis shaft can't move, this time to check the corresponding shaft of the drive block is damaged. Inspection method can be used to replace method: will not move under the shaft of the aviation plug in other active on the shaft of the drive. ( 2) If after exchange fixed axis normal running, can show that the shaft of the drive has been damaged, need to replace a good driver block. If still won't do that cable fixed axis or replace defective cable or motor. Three axis are not move. At this time have check the three-axis air plug and control box connection is good, power control box is opened. Whether the data line and control box and control card connected to the PC host. If all above, please contact the manufacturer. ( 3) The spindle will not operate properly. First check the inverter LED display shows the error code ( See the inverter specification error code) , the following YIXING inverter as an example to show. YIXING series inverter common faults and processing ( 1. 5 kw) Fault code: DL output short circuit check whether the motor and cable is short circuit OL1OL2 too much load motor blocked out locked-rotor phenomenon reduced load LU owe voltage input voltage abnormal check input power OH overheating load to replace the fan cooling fan any load is too big, Note: when the inverter show DL power reset button is invalid, please restart the inverter troubleshooting) TALENT series inverter common faults and processing ( 2. 2 kw) Fault code: EOCD output short circuit check whether the motor and cable is short circuit EOU input voltage check EOCN too high voltage output circuit and short circuit or to ground short circuit check the wiring and electrical ELU if there is a large starting current in the same power system load rewiring avoid load TL external disturbance control line is separated from high voltage linear spindle motor common faults and processing: electrical hot check work of circulating water pump is normal motor boring check whether the motor line phase cable short circuit motor over load operation of abnormal voice if motor internal fault, Please contact our factory) Motor reversal check whether line lacks will output the UVW end any exchange at both ends
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