Engraving machine CNC equipment booster wood door industry upgrading

by:Transon     2020-04-19
Along with our country public home decoration style diversification and quality demands increasingly intense, with a higher adornment effect and the practical value of the wood. In high-grade hotels, guesthouses, senior office buildings, offices, private mansion, villas, high-end communities, wooden door is the preferred product for reveal luxurious atmosphere style; And ordinary people in the family also gradually strong demand for wood door. Industry statistics show that wood door industry output value has been as high as 46 billion yuan in 2009, to 2013 wooden door industry output value or exceeding RMB 70 billion. Overall, the wooden door industry booming, industry looks promising. The rapid development of wooden door market, put forward higher requirements for wood processing and manufacturing, not only to ensure the production, to ensure the quality. Especially because the user's attention more and more critical and individuation, wooden door for wood door manufacturing, while maintaining the rapid output stability in fine processing, wooden door and structure modeling, design and color design need to have better performance. Compared to the strong market demand, the development of domestic wood processing industry is slightly delayed. Most wood processing and manufacturing enterprise is still not get rid of the rough machining of traditional mode of production, with half automation, mechanization operation and low technology level is the most common, cannot meet the needs of contemporary wood door need of high technology standard and high output. Traditional wooden door production enterprises, mainly rely on human and mechanical cooperation to complete production tasks, many of which the main part is done by dedicated craftsman, mechanical only play a supplementary role. Especially wood carvings forming stage, the need to have years of experience craftsman to draw a line drawing, finalized, field, measuring, knife carving, preliminary formed after repeatedly finishing is needed, deep processing, including the late door plank polishing, feeding, pressure, spelling a flower, and other processes. Limitations of traditional wood engraving time-consuming and laborious, wooden door in mass production enterprises should have to bear the high labor costs and the risk of low output efficiency. Besides, traditional wooden door manufacturing technology level backward, select material materials do not conform to the state environmental protection standards, also cannot get good space for development.
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