Engraving machine, carving boot and shutdown operation requirements

by:Transon     2020-04-23
1, according to customer requirements and design requirements for layout, at the right after calculating the path, to save different tool path. Save into different files. 2, after check the path right path file open in carving machine control system ( A preview) 。 3, fixed good materials, good working definition of the origin. Open the spindle motor right number the better. 4. Connected to the power supply for machine operation. 1 the phone is switched on. Turn on the power switch, power indicator, the machine first to run the reset self-checking, X, Y, Z, shaft back to zero, then their run to the initial standby position ( The machine initial origin) 。 2. Using a handheld controller, respectively to adjust the X, Y, Z axis, aim at carving work starting point ( Processing the origin) 。 For spindle speed, feed rate, respectively, for the choice of appropriate, make engraving machine work waiting state. 1 carving. Edit what to carving file. 2. Open the transfer files, transfer files to the engraving machine, carving work can be done automatically file. After the end when carving documents, opportunity automatically carried knives, carving and run to work above the starting point
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