Engraving machine carved a two-tone case how to solve

by:Transon     2020-04-27
Engraving machine carved a two-tone case how to solve the CNC engraving machine can sometimes appear in the process of carving carving the phenomenon of different shades, seriously affect the engraving effect. If appear such circumstance is what reason causes? How should solve? CNC engraving machine control board ( Ncstudio) Loose or failure; To pull plug, the computer in the electric power, the available small brush to clean or wipe clean with rubber, be careful not to get aluminium film. The board 2. Engraving machine stepper motor fault; General motors itself very little fault, are mostly poor contact motor line. Stepping motor is 3. Drive failure or current segment with the software preferences; Can check whether the light on the drive display normally. Segmentation problems according to the consulting engraving machine factory technical personnel to solve. Drive 4. The z axis motor line fault; This fault can be fast moving back and forth through the Z axis is checked, whether the move up and down with a pause, not pause to prove the Z axis motor line fault, if you have any pause can check the motor line. 5. Spindle motor fault; Repair or replace the spindle. Inverter 6. Inverter interference or data set; Voltage instability also can appear the problem. 7. Electrostatic interference; Cabinet ground connection, remove the interference sources. 8. A computer virus or system problem; Reinstall the computer system and control software. 9. Work platform. General use cutter to milling work platform, mesa is soft PVC material, well path can be easily milling flat. 10. If the above method cannot solve the problem, can contact to purchase machine factory technician for assistance.
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