Engraving and milling machine tool electrical structure of ontology

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Carving milling mechanical and electrical source USES the three-phase Ac220V power supply; First of all, through the fuse circuit breaker ( NFB) To protect the power cord, cut off the circuit when over current; With a noise filter ( NF) Prevent external noise into the power cord, and reduce the servo motor to produce noise interference to the outside world; Magnetic contactor ( MC) Used to connect/disconnect main power of servo motor, general magnetic contactor should and surge absorber together; A reactor ( L) To reduce the harmonic of power supply. Servo system adopts panasonic MINASA series MsDA043A1A2 type ac servo drive and matching of Ms. MA042AlG type servo motor. Machine adopts vertical structure, three-axis linkage; High performance of frequency converter is used to control the spindle motor to delete a maximum speed of r/Ⅱ Lin, greatly improve the cutting performance. Each shaft is equipped with a positive and negative limit switch and precision grating ruler, engraving and milling machine tools to improve the control precision and security.
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