Engraving and milling machine spindle thermal error analysis and solution

by:Transon     2020-04-19
With the growing machinery industry, the development of high precision technology of engraving and milling machine processing precision higher and higher demands are proposed, the spindle is commonly known as & other; The heart of the machine tool & throughout; , it particularly pronounced influence on the stability of the machining precision, so research for solving the problem of thermal elongation of the spindle is urgent. Spindle on the stability of the machining accuracy of influence mainly for: the installation precision of the spindle, spindle bearing the accuracy of the spindle static stiffness, thermal performance of the spindle and other uncertain factors. Under the condition of market economy, the production of the division of labor is increasingly sophisticated, spindle are mostly sold in the market as a wrapper module, therefore, the precision of the spindle bearing and the spindle static stiffness is mainly depends on the quality of the purchased by the spindle to guarantee. The installation precision of the spindle mainly by reasonable technology and skills to ensure that the installation workers. Thermal error of spindle is, however, caused by spindle temperature changes, is any kind of spindle is inevitable.
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