Engraving and milling machine daily maintenance methods

by:Transon     2020-04-22
Engraving and milling machine is a kind of numerical control machine tool is often used in metal processing, daily maintenance for engraving and milling machine. Now is very important. Good maintenance of life extension that can make the carving and milling machine, make its can keep better precision. Engraving and milling machine daily maintenance: 1. After each time before coming off work to go to work, and clean up inside the machine to work site, do inside the machine without the devolop, ground without watermarks without waste, control ark without sundry, maintain the cleanliness of the machine tool. 2. Engraving and milling machine before going to work every day to check the temperature of the refrigerator ( Lower than the room temperature about 2 - 3 c) And the cooling fluid storage ( If too little water, the need to add pure water) Guarantee cooling water unobstructed after, open the refrigerator. 3. Before going to work every day to check positive pressure sealing work state, air pressure to zero. 1 - 0. Around 15 mpa, the spindle bottom air flow with uniform ( Once every hour to check) 。 4. Every time change knife, clean the spindle motor shell, shaft end, nut, tool card head scraps and powder, avoid dust suction motor, motor damage caused in the cleaning of the machine tools must assure positive pressure seal. 5. Need to clean up after machining fixture devolop cooling box top; Before going to work every day, need to clean the filter at the back of the cooling box ( Found that cooling liquid water is small, also need to clean the filter) , to ensure the normal circulation of coolant. 6. Every time before coming off work and halt when stop the machine spindle, the spindle bottom dirt and clean rag wipe up. 7. In view of the important parts, must make antirust processing. Engraving and milling machine maintenance regularly: 1. Disassemble the X, Y, Z axis cover, the tiger skin, its back, and then clean up the screw, the chip on the guide rail and dirt; Manual to lead screw and guide rail oil for 1 minute, reciprocating motion after several times, will squeeze out the dirty oil is clean; Repeat the process two or three times. Clean up the work the audience finally put the scraps. 2. Check that the pressure on the screw nut, wire mother and screw support before and after the place such as screw any loose; Look for loose coupling screw. Manual for lead screw and guide rail, in the heart of the refueling process X, Y, Z axis stroke reciprocating run several times in order to full lubrication can even adhere to the surface of the moving parts. 3. Check that the light detector and travel switch connection is loose, whether the connection is reliable; Optical inspection against collision block and travel switch position if there is a change, whether screw loosening, whether the phenomenon such as scratches and other parts. 4. Engraving and milling machine Z axis shaking hands push and pull, connection board, check the nose and the Z axis connecting plate screw any loose; Check the drag chain connecting plate and the Z axis connecting plate fixed screw loose.
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