Computer engraving machine tool selection

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Computer engraving machine tool selection: 1, the cutting tool at the end of the qing ( Carbide) Main performance: milling bottom applicable materials: organic ( The force that press a gram) , PVC, MDF note: any engraving machine at work, are intended to ensure that the sculpture surface level off, especially when doing 2 d and 3 d engraving. Some carver often to save trouble, and careless, the result of carving or unqualified products, or need to modify manually. 2, 3 d engraving knife ( Carbide) Main functions: the three dimensional Angle, pour edge applicable materials: organic, PVC. Can also be used for: density board, medium-hard wood note: whatever is carved, or carved, must keep the sculpture surface smooth; Choose the right blade width for three dimensional Angle of engraving, is very important, suggest engraving machine use small wide blade width not more than 22 mm, large format engraving machine using appropriate blade knife can speed up the carving. 3, the single slot screw knife ( Carbide) Main functions: 2 d cutting applicable material: acrylic, PVC, medium density board features: combined the single slot design with strong cutting force and chip removal, the advantages of the spiral blade cutting and ensure cutting surface smoothness, the batch processing of PVC, MDF with good efficiency. 4, finished product knife ( Carbide) Main functions: 2 d plane sculpture, two-dimensional cutting, Angle of three dimensional qing applicable material: double color plate ( ABS) Organic (, The force that press a gram) Can also be used for: copper, iron, aluminum, plastic and other various types of metal and non-metallic. Note: carving metal, cooling oil shall be added to speed up the carving, the point should be chosen as wide as possible. To meet the requirements of fine carving users, new triangular blade double spiral milling cutter (four arrises Carbide) 。 Main functions: 2 d cutting, a two-dimensional planar engraving applicable materials: organic ( The force that press a gram) , PVC can also be used to: black metal characteristics: dry cutting processing of organic plate has good red resistance and abrasion resistance, spiral blade cutting and ensure its surface smoothness. When cutting thickness plate, has a good performance. It can also be used for processing ferrous metals such as iron, steel, etc. 5, double helix slice knife ( Carbide) Main performance: 2 d cutting, a two-dimensional carving applicable material: natural wood, composite wood can also be used for: plastic features: special wood processing cutting tool, such double edged cutting tools used for processing timber and composite wood, debris out of convenience, the knife body strong, durable, good processing effect, Ensure that the surface without burr) 。
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