Computer engraving machine operation method

by:Transon     2020-04-26
In the process of using computer engraving machine, first of all we need to have a correct understanding, understand the general operation process, so that for users who just contact nc equipment have a lot of help, so here is a brief about computer engraving machine operation method. 1, before the boot, boot first determine engraving machine machine connected to the computer of all normal, and then open the engraving machine machine tool power supply and computer power. Has been completed, the system starts to enter the numerical control system. 2, after mechanical reset launch system ( Before entering automatic processing system will determine whether the machine is 'back to the mechanical origin') , first of all, there will be a 'back to the mechanical origin' prompt dialog box, click the corresponding button, will automatically return to the mechanical engraving machine machine tool's origin, and correct the coordinate system. 3, check the I/O state examination each signal input and output, check whether there is a fault signal, to ensure the safety in woodworking engraving machine machine to processing. 4, loading process before processing, users generally need to load process, otherwise all with the function of automatic processing is invalid. Choose' File ( F) 】 - - - - - -> 【 Open and loading ( O) …】 Menu will pop up Windows standard file operations dialog box, you can choose to file processing. Or in an automated processing window, click the right mouse button pop-up context menu, select' Open and loading ( O) …】 , file operations in the pop-up dialog box to choose to processing documents. And then click 'open' button, after processing program into the system, at this point, you can click on the 'automatic' window, view the current processing program. 5, manual operation, 1) According to manual operation interface of the mouse click Manual 】 Window will display a manual operation interface, in this interface, the engraving machine machine tool can be manually. ( 2) Manually moving through a mouse click on the corresponding button on the manual operation interface implementation manual movement. Through the small digital key on the keyboard button to manually move CNC woodworking engraving machine machine tool. Note to switch the input focus to manual window, particular way is to switch to manual window first, and then the left mouse button click on the manual window at any position, according to the corresponding number key on the keyboard will implement the manual movement. 6, to determine the origin of the workpiece processing program of the X, Y, Z, A origin of coordinates is the origin of the workpiece. Before processing, you first need to set up the workpiece origin, the specific method is: put the engraving machine machine X, Y, Z axis, A shaft manually moved to the user wants to the position of the workpiece origin, coordinate values in the current location on the coordinates of the window, Or choose 【 Operation ( O) 】 - - - - - -> 【 Set the current point to the workpiece origin 】 ) So that when performing process in its current position as a processing workpiece origin. 7, the automatic processing. Automatic processing refers to carving machine tools according to the selected machining program automatically. ( 1) Processing of automatic choose 【 Operation ( O) 】 |【 Start' A menu item or click the button on the toolbar, the machine will automatically start effective from the first sentence processing program. ( 2) Stop automatic processing in the process of automatic processing, if you want to stop processing program, select 【 Operation ( O) 】 |【 Stop 】 A menu item or click the button on the toolbar, carving machine, will stop the machine into the 'stop' state. This way is stop system is precise and orderly way. ( 3) Suspend automatic processing in the process of automatic processing, if need to suspend the processing program, select' Operation ( O) 】 |【 Pause 】 A menu item or click the button on the toolbar, engraving machine machine tool processing will be suspended. At this point if you want to continue processing program can choose 【 Operation ( O) 】 |【 Start' A menu item or click the button on the toolbar. ( 4) Breakpoint continue automatic machining in unfinished emergency stop condition, choosing 【 Operation ( O) 】 |【 Breakpoint continue 】 Menu or click the button on the toolbar, CNC woodworking engraving machine machine will stop automatically from the last processing line Numbers began to continue processing.
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