Computer engraving machine operation

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Computer engraving machine operation notice: 1. Computer operation personnel must go through strict training, must pay attention to personal safety in the process of operation, and according to the national machine tool operation procedures to operate the computer engraving machine. 2. Power supply voltage to 220 v ( Or 380 v) , 50 hz, if the power supply voltage instability or surrounded by high power electric equipment, be sure to configure the corresponding stable power supply. 3. Engraving machine with frequency converter must have a good grounding line, replace the spindle, pay attention to the spindle rotation direction. 4. If the machine has abnormal situation, please refer to the above instructions or contact us to solve; Without authorization, forbid to remove the maintenance of this machine, lest cause damage. 5. Replacing engraving machine knife, need not be too hard, it is advisable to tighten the collet with a little tight. 6. Replacing engraving machine knives, conversion of assembly must be correct, different types of cutting tools must choose corresponding models of transformation, with a knife, are strictly forbidden in the conversion of clutter. 7. Regularly do cleaning, cleaning, keep the equipment on the lead screw and guide rail without sundry, after the daily job to clean the lead screw and guide rail, with 20 # engine oil. If you have automatic filling machine, by two times a day after switch on. 8. Machine, in the long distance movement, especially must have a professional presence or under the professional guidance. 9. Burin installation, the chuck card into the nut first, then inserted the burin chuck, tighten the nut in the end. Otherwise there are noise, easy broken sword. 10. Workpiece is fixed, because the product variety, available I universal fixture clamping can be supplied by the company, also can need according to their own ways to fixed on its own. 11. Boot must start the cooling water pump, the process of spindle should be inspected regularly for overheating. 13. After reshipment d macro parameters set up correctly. Pay attention to the spindle speed adjustable to the appropriate speed, generally is 24000 r/m. 。
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