Common problems of laser marking machine and their

by:Transon     2021-03-18
Fault 1: The laser intensity drops, and the mark is not clear enough
(1) Whether the laser resonant cavity changes, fine-tune the deep cavity lens. Make the best output spot;
(2) The acousto-optic crystal shifts or the output energy of the acousto-optic power supply is low; adjust the position of the acousto-optic crystal or increase the working current of the acousto-optic power supply;
(3) The laser entering the galvanometer is off-center: adjust the laser;
(4) If the current is adjusted to about 20A and the sensitivity is not strong enough: the krypton lamp is aging, replace it with a new one.

Fault 2: Krypton lamp cannot be triggered (refer to NTP power supply manual)
(1) Check all power connections;
(2) The high-pressure krypton lamp is aging; replace the krypton lamp.

Precautions for operating the laser marking machine:
(1) It is strictly forbidden to start the laser power supply and Q-switch power supply when there is no water, or the water circulation is abnormal;
(2) No-load operation of Q power supply is not allowed (that is, the output terminal of Q-switching power supply is suspended);
(3) If there is an abnormal phenomenon, first turn off the galvanometer switch and the key switch, and then check;
(4) It is not allowed to start other components before the krypton lamp is ignited to prevent high voltage from entering and damaging the components;
(5) Pay attention to the output end (anode) of the laser power supply to be suspended in the air to prevent ignition and breakdown with other electrical appliances;
(6) Keep the internal circulating water clean. Clean the water tank regularly and replace it with deionized water or pure water.

Use and replacement of krypton lamp:
(1) Turn off the water cooler and the laser power supply.
(2) Open the upper three-chamber covers, take out the lamp or crystal to be replaced, put it in after replacement, and install the chamber cover.
(3) Turn on the water cooler and the laser power supply, and adjust the laser power supply current to about (15~20)A. Place a small piece of wood or black paper between the front diaphragm and the beam expander, and you should see the spot formed by laser ablation. If not, slightly adjust the three knobs of the front diaphragm holder until a light area appears.
(4) After the laser is debugged, the three knobs of the front diaphragm holder should be adjusted repeatedly to make the light spot the strongest. If the laser is too strong or the brightness is too high, the power supply current can be reduced.
(5) Turn off the laser power supply.

Special attention: the time to replace the krypton lamp.
The krypton lamp in the laser factory stated that the krypton lamp's service life is 300 hours, but due to different user conditions, the above time cannot be the only basis for replacing the krypton lamp. As the use time increases, the krypton lamp's luminous efficiency decreases, and the laser output also decreases. To obtain sufficient laser output, many users increase the current of the laser power supply to increase the luminescence of the krypton lamp, which accelerates the aging of the krypton lamp, Forming a vicious circle, sometimes leading to the phenomenon of blow-up lights. To prevent this phenomenon from happening, we recommend that users decide whether they should replace the krypton lamp according to the following method.
When changing to a new krypton lamp, record the laser power current meter's value during ordinary marking as the standard current value.
When the krypton lamp is gradually aging, increase the current output of the laser power supply, but the ammeter's value should not exceed 1.25 times the standard current value.
For example, the current value of the new krypton lamp is 20A when marking. After a period of use, if the current value is increased to 22.5A and the marking still fails, it should replace the krypton lamp.
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