CNC woodworking engraving machine training knowledge

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Below is about CNC woodworking engraving machine training related: a, first learn basic theory knowledge, to master the necessary basic knowledge of woodworking engraving machine, to know the name of the woodworking engraving machine parts and the main role, and the working parameters such as engraving machine engraving machine speed, carving head power, power continued carving, hollow out, Yang carved, intaglio terms have a preliminary understanding, and the operation of engraving machine software system of training and learning, after the inspection qualified, can take the next step operation. Second, before the formal use of woodworking engraving machine, engraving cutter to do a comprehensive learning and understanding, distinguish and use scope of different types of cutting tool, and under the guidance of the teacher on the knife, knife operation. Learn the solid basic skills. In this part to strengthen the safety consciousness. 3, be familiar with common carving consumables, this basically see facing customer base, general advertisers use the engraving machine consumables are mainly PVC, acrylic, double color boards, etc. Woodworking engraving machine is mainly used main material of wood board, solid wood, MDF and advertising machine consumables. The application range of the operators must be familiar with all kinds of materials, familiar with different material and different thickness, different size of the finished product, etc. Familiar with different ways of material of different engraving. Fourth, the carving machine maintenance knowledge, the operator needs to set up correct concept of machine maintenance, and make strict maintenance measures and regulations. To let the machine can work at any time with the best state. Five, woodworking engraving machine of various software operation: after the training through the above training software. Software training mainly focus on the user application field; For the users do not need to self-study can be based on training manual. Software requirements for: various typesetting software, all kinds of operation, path generation, can quickly find out the path error, etc. Six, machine operation training: after the above all kinds of training, the interpretation of trained personnel and operators understand the inspection: attention to operating personnel for operation safety and operation of training, by training personnel sign on operational security meaning items, operator before machine operation training.
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