CNC woodworking engraving machine to have what kind of knife

by:Transon     2020-04-25
CNC woodworking engraving machine for knife generally has the following several ways: 1, the general knife to knife is usually referred to in the numerical control woodworking engraving machine use relative position detection of cutter manually. Here with examples of Z to the knife knife method, the cutting tool after installation, first mobile tool manual sculpture of the right end face of artifacts, along the X to return again, the right end and process the origin from N input numerical control system, which is to complete this Z to the cutting tool on cutting process. Manual of cutter is the basic method for the knife, but it still didn't jump out of the 1325 woodworking engraving machine 'trial cut - - - - - - - Measurement - - - - - - - Adjust 'mode for the knife, to take up more time on the machine. This method is relatively backward. 2, closed to knife instrument to knife to knife device is important for embossing machine carved customers is important. Great convenience of knife instrument users determine the work the zero position of the Z axis, appeared in the process of carving processing such as cutting knife, rough finish replacement of different types of cutting tools and so on all can use of knife device to perform Z axis positioning accurately. User must the instrument against the knife block to the parameters, the thickness of the input file system automatically when the zero position down to the depth of the blade thickness gauge block, so as to truly determine the zero point Z axis work. Closed to measure is the nature of the knives hypothetical point point to the tool set X and Z direction of the distance between the benchmark. Using closed to knife machine tool can be finally in the machine tools in advance for good, to fit a machine after corresponding input to the length of the knife cutting tool compensation, which can be used, cutter hit record in position. So if it is a variety of small batch processing and it is best to use the instrument on the knife, to save time. 3, automatic to automatic knife to knife are implemented through point detection system, point to the non-contact sensor at the rate of setting, when the point contact with the sensor and signal, immediately write down the moment the coordinate values of CNC system, and automatic correction tool offset value. Cutting tool position deviation measure the knife you need CNC woodworking engraving machine.
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