CNC woodworking engraving machine guide rail type is introduced

by:Transon     2020-04-23
CNC woodworking engraving machine guide rail in total is divided into two kinds, one kind is circle, is a kind of side rail. Is the difference between the two guide: circular guide, high bearing capacity, accuracy, generally for circular guide relatively low cost, short production cycle, and is easy to install features, on many occasions as an alternative to the square linear guide. Linear guide product characteristics: high positioning accuracy, good reproducibility, linear guide way of rolling motion, small friction coefficient, particularly the gap between the static friction force and friction force is small, even if there will be no idle when trace feed skid phenomenon, analytical ability and the best reproducibility, thus can realize mu m class location accuracy. Low friction resistance and can be a long time to maintain accuracy, linear guide rolling friction can be reduced to slide guide rail frictional resistance of 1/20 ~ 1/40, especially for lubrication of simple structure, lubrication easy, good lubrication effect and friction contact surface abrasion of the bottom, so you can walk for a long time to maintain accuracy. Affordable four directions of high load capacity, the optimum design for the geometric and mechanical structure, can bear radial load, the radial and transverse direction, and keep walking precision, easy to borrow at the same time by the number of in preloading and the slider, can improve the performance and load capacity. Suitable for the application of high speed, low friction resistance characteristics of the driving power demand for equipment is low, save energy effect is great, especially sports wear small, low temperature rise effect, at the same time realize mechanical miniaturization and high demand. A lot of manufacturer for the pursuit of greater interest, often choose cheaper side rail, this situation may also can't compare with double bottom rail precision accuracy, so the customer when buying woodworking engraving machine must see clear, choose good manufacturers to buy!
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