CNC milling machine technology of servo system

by:Transon     2020-04-18
In the late 1960 s, small power servo type stepping motor and hydraulic torque of the open loop system was once widely used in the numerical control machine tools. It is one of the most representative Japanese FANUC electrohydraulic pulse motor servo system of the company. But by ten in the system layout is too messy, reliability, some shortcomings, in a few years in the future will be replaced by other servo system, the power type stepping motor, stepping motor start directly used to drive the feed movement of the CNC system. Power type stepping motor driven system is not piled up error, high positioning accuracy, lock the qualitative good movement, and the layout is very brief, convenient production, capital and compare with low price. So far is in the low speed, large output torque is not still get in economical nc machine tools in use. CNC milling machine servo system development experience for period. In the early 1960 s, hydraulic servo system in CNC milling machine, hydraulic servo system and it's the traditional dc motor, echo time is very short, boxes of torque servo components as small overall dimensions. But because of the hydraulic servo system there is a big heat, power is very low, environmental pollution and inconvenient repair defects, so gradually replaced by a stepping motor and the new servo motor.
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