CNC machining center, CNC engraving machine how to choose?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
CNC engraving machine, machining center, high speed milling, what is the difference between? What should buy what kind of equipment? As a user, of course, should choose the right equipment, jia bang to numerical control technology and you about the difference between and among them. 1. Processing center processing center in Taiwan and Hong Kong and guangdong area often called computer gongs, spindle speed is controlled in 0 ~ 10000 RPM, used to complete large amount of milling workpiece processing equipment. Machining center machine tool structure determines the poor flexibility, for small part and fast feed could do nothing. Machining center is widely used in mould industry cavities. For most parts precision corner, the subsequent need to use edm to qing Angle or size finishing processing in position. 2. High speed milling machining center, relatively high speed milling machine tool movement speed and feed speed faster than processing center, the spindle velocity of about 30000 RPM, processing and response speed of the CNC system is superior to the processing center, so can use path milling cutter, cutting technology, high speed, small cycle feed greatly improve production efficiency and machining precision, at the same time because of the low milling force, to reduce the thermal deformation of workpiece, the milling depth is small, and the feed quickly, therefore, the processing surface roughness is small. High speed milling is suitable for the vast majority of precision mold processing and high precision copper and graphite electrode processing. In the mould processing, high speed milling hardened steel processing 60 HRC. Therefore, high speed milling allows for machining after heat treatment, reduce the workload of edm. 3. CNC engraving machine, CNC engraving machine has a high-speed milling machine part of the connotation, the spindle speed is 30000 RPM, but power is much smaller than machining center spindle. Spindle speed fitted her for small tool processing, torque is small, focuses on 'carving' function, is not suitable for strong cutting. For soft metal for high speed machining for fine processing, machining accuracy is higher, defect is due to poor rigidity and so is not suitable for heavy cutting. Because of focusing on small, the volume of a machine tool than machining center with the high speed milling. CNC engraving and milling machine processing of copper electrode is widely used in mould industry, aluminum products, such as batch processing, wooden model processing.
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