CNC engraving machine spindle motor selection method

by:Transon     2020-04-21
CNC CNC engraving machine is mainly composed of machine tools, spindle, CNC, control system, transmission system, etc, the spindle motor is particularly important. CNC engraving machine spindle motor is also divided into precision machining spindle and high power to cut off the spindle. 1, fine machining of CNC engraving machine spindle is characterized by low noise, high speed, height, suitable for machining special fine artifacts, such as seals, nameplates, badges gifts, etc. Such CNC engraving machine spindle motor is usually high speed frequency conversion motor, power is small, under 250 w. Weakness is the ability to cut off the thick material is bad, not to cut off the thicker material. 2 power cut off the spindle, CNC engraving machine, mainly used for cutting, high power, is characterized by large power, strong cutting ability, especially suitable for cutting yu, three stereoscopic word, of course also can make the breastpiece, nameplate, seals, etc. Such high power spindle CNC engraving machine according to the characteristics of the motor can be divided into general frequency high-speed brushless ac motor and A brushless ac motor, the main difference is: A, high speed brushless frequency conversion motor, speed range is 70060000 r/min, and generally have highest brushless ac motor speed is not more than 24000 r/min: B, frequency conversion brushless motor rotation of high precision, wear small, low noise, noise is much lower than A brushless ac motor; C, locked-rotor characteristic frequency conversion brushless motor is good, because the inverter with current limiting circuit, blocked for a short period of time not burning motor, brush with ac machine in the seams or locked-rotor when smoke burned soon, and repair; D, brushless frequency conversion speed regulating motor adopts frequency conversion control technology, is a professional product, long life, CNC engraving vendors would provide one year free replacement, later also can be used to replace the high-speed bearing the machine maintenance, and brushless ac motor due to the use of electricity fee to life around 300 hours have to replace the motor or motor carbon brush, so the carbon brush ac motor is usually a day also not warranty. So, the customer before to buy CNC engraving machine, be sure to buy your usage for CNC engraving machine, such good choose according to use CNC engraving machine, CNC engraving machine spindle size is determined.
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