CNC engraving machine spindle drive mechanism design

by:Transon     2020-04-19
I undertake the educational research group school CNC engraving machine manufacturing, including one of the biggest problems is that what motor spindle motor used. We design the application of CNC engraving machine mainly according to we consider the industry characteristics of surrounding areas. In around us, there are a lot of making small hardware factory, their model generally has two kinds: 1, the template is done first, reoccupy hand carving machine to mold making; 2, the steel industry with computer engraving machine to, again, electric spark machine to mold manufacturing, the first method, production cost is low, but make the mould depends on the level of master do template, for complex shape mould is hard to meet the requirements; The second method, the processing of high accuracy, for the worker's quality request is not high, but the cost is higher. In general, do button mold requirement for appearance shape is higher, but the size of the request is not high, so if we can make a kind of low cost automatic engraving machine should have a larger market. The current CNC engraving machine adopts motorized spindle, more because it has many advantages. Motorized spindle, for example, can realize more than tens of thousands of turn speed, with the merits of compact, light weight, small inertia, good dynamic performance, easy to implement the spindle positioning, simplify the machine design, is an ideal structure of high speed spindle unit, etc, and can improve the dynamic balance of machine tools, to avoid vibration and noise, etc. But there are also have obvious disadvantages, it is motorized spindle rigidity is poor, if used for machining steel mold, be affected with precision, which affect lifespan, maintenance difficulties, and the cost is high, so allow for this, we are actively considering whether to adopt other ways to provide power, and emphatically consider life extension and can greatly reduce the cost. Through research, we decided to use three-phase motor as power, because of its advantages; First is the low price, long life, and it does not affect the spindle rigidity, three-phase motor speed by variable speed institutions, also can realize high speed turn tens of thousands of. In addition, using manual engraving machine spindle as carving spindle, because manual engraving machine spindle structure is simple, good rigidity. In manual sculpture, carving knife wear than spindle of CNC engraving machine of simple structure, good rigidity, in manual sculpture, carving knife wear smaller than CNC engraving machine engraving. Through the design, we designed a complete three-phase motor and shifting mechanism between the spindle and the spindle to move up and down when the belt tensioning mechanism.
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