CNC engraving machine operation attention to detail

by:Transon     2020-04-22
CNC engraving machine operation attention to detail: 1, the use of the accidental operation such as knife, crashing to the spindle motor running in full, and the X/Y/Z axis calibration, set to check for the tooling or the workpiece origin. 2, when using tooling machining complete CNC engraving machine of each axis X/Y/Z movement in steps, if you use during the tooling have knocked or shift please according to standard procedures are set tooling origin. 3, long time no use equipment to spindle motor running in full, and the X/Y/Z in engine action, clear the handle and cutter holder to check, if found injured wear please change in time. 4, high demand processing put for the environment, equipment, process, CARDS, cutting tool, the requirements of many factors, such as higher operation, so for requirements do not work in the using condition, ensure the X/Y/Z and boot after the first to get up to speed of spindle motor engine. 5, on a regular basis to check tools set the origin coordinate and proposal for a month or so, depending on the actual situation and decide, re-examine set tooling the origin coordinate to ensure each axis X/Y/Z complete movement in step, and according to the standard operation to ensure the placement of tooling and fixed. For the X/Y/Z in terms of the shafting engine method, using the programming software design a program to get up to speed engine to the equipment. Discontinuous working status in normal use, General shut down for the first night after the second day boot) Time, the engine is 0. 5 hours to 1 hour between, if downtime is not used for long time, after startup advice in normal processing engine 1 hour or so. 6, set tooling guarantee CNC engraving machine in front of the origin of coordinates of each axis X/Y/Z complete movement in steps, to ensure that the equipment placed horizontal and vertical degree, using high precision qualified tooling correction measuring tool, and must play is the measuring tool.
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