CNC engraving machine of choose and buy should specify what content

by:Transon     2020-04-21
(1) clear their own work contents do not think to buy a CNC engraving machine can do all the work, the carving machine is divided into various types, in order to deal with a variety of different processing tasks. Level, for example, you have to buy a mold engraving machine to carve double color boards, or buy a large engraving machine carving seals, cause huge waste of all this, and they could not get good effect. You have to buy a same level advertising CNC engraving machine to do the mold, may be cannot do. So before the upgrade, you must to the sales staff fully show their own content of work to do, including machining, the size of the material, etc. (2) choose suitable for their own small advertising engraving machine brand shop for the first time buyers, the main production of three-dimensional lamp, crystal words, double color boards, badges and other purposes, should choose and buy advertising level. In general, the carving machine width is greater than 1200 mm above, are not fit to double color boards, fine carving of live, and is suitable for saw words, do some large flat. Wide in 1200 mm and below belongs to the universal engraving machine, can be used as a double color boards, slowly, and saw the word can be used to do menial jobs. For processing cylinder or other alien artifacts, because of the need to add some tooling or rotation axis, which requires the Z axis high pillar, mesa to segment between the space is large, so can choose special machine. If it is chop shops specialized carving seals, can first with small laser engraving machine. (3) the detailed configuration of each manufacturer production machine engraving machine of its internal structure are basically similar, but the quality of the machine is differ in thousands ways. This time requires that you have a pair of fire eyes eyes, see the stand or fall of engraving machine with makings, the advantages and disadvantages of parts used. Didn't know this but most of the customers, even the scene to see the machine could not distinguish, this requires you to sales personnel details about carving machine spindle power, the power of the motor, drive is to use homemade drive plate or the driver of the stable quality.
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