CNC engraving machine maintenance need to be aware of a few questions

by:Transon     2020-04-21
(1) no contact point with hands and scrap iron, scrap iron must use iron hook or brush to clean up; (2) prohibited by hand or any other way to contact is spinning spindle or artifacts or other moving parts; (3) it is prohibited to in the process of measuring workpieces, variable speed, more cannot be wiped with cotton silk artifacts, also cannot clean machine tools; (4) in the milling machine is running, the operator shall not be allowed to leave the job, machine tools found anomalies immediately stop, 5. Check the bearing temperature, too high should find relevant personnel to inspect; 6. In the process of machining, are not allowed to open the door of machine; All landowners strictly abide by the post responsibility system, machine tools used by someone, others shall be subject to the consent; End of the machine tool bar and dampers on it is strictly prohibited to put any items, avoid fall from; Pet-name ruby forbidden on machine tools in the process of operation, more do not allow the sat or on the machine frame.
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