CNC engraving machine installation should pay attention to what?

by:Transon     2020-04-25
CNC engraving machine installation should pay attention to what? Many customers to buy the CNC engraving machine, don't know how to unloading, installation and debugging, etc. , it also brings some harm. Although we fe oprah engraving machine technician will be in the customer after the arrival of the CNC engraving machine, make it to the customer factory, but because the customer received equipment to acceptance in time, or some customers belong to buy equipment again, don't let us engraving machine technician debugging, training, etc in the past, think they can be independent installation and debugging equipment, but often don't pay attention to small details, can cause damage of the equipment. So after receiving, how to install the CNC engraving machine, the debugging? 1, carving machine, after the arrival of the goods, opened the package will be removed from the tap machine, put a machine in a horizontal position, put in the process, don't knock against the machine. 2, after carving machine with good, open the random tool box, take out the wire connected to the power supply, aviation plug according to the connection of line number, check whether the circuit work normally. 3, connect with the control computer and engraving machine, open the computer to install the corresponding driver and application software. 4, drive after the installation, set up internal parameters, click on the engraving machine to check machine running direction is correct, is accurate. Also, pay attention to carving machine work environment, especially the humidity and temperature in the workshop; When the temperature below freezing, the fluid to release in the water-cooled spindle motor; Engraving machine operation, humidity should be controlled within 75% is the best, as a special case, must not be more than 95% for a month.
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