CNC engraving machine in position control system and its software features

by:Transon     2020-04-22
CNC engraving machine on position control system has the following characteristics: 1, CNC engraving machine position control system has high control precision. CNC machine tools used in precision machinery parts processing, stone carving machine so dynamic and static control precision of position control system have higher requirements. 2, CNC engraving machine position control system, the faster dynamic response of the system has good dynamic follow performance and eliminate the influence of load disturbances on the system speed as soon as possible. 3, CNC engraving machine position control system has high stability, is the precondition for the journey of CNC system, it has the structure of control system. 4, CNC engraving machine position control system has high reliability. CNC engraving machine and its professional engraving software features: 1, can input document images, such as PCX, BMP, JPG, tip, etc. , using computers to manipulate the vectorization. 2, containing 170 species of glyph, can be on any font, graphics, design and arrangement. 3, can be made by the 2 d contour 3 d curved surface, the surface can overlap, automatic welding, and can post with any 3 d pattern, graphics and text, in art sculpture. 4, reverse engineering function, can accept point information, generate the corresponding surface, carries on the CAD work, can produce CAM mechanic path, and carry on the processing. If equipped with laser scanning system, can complete the sample scanning to carving processing molding the whole process of surveying and mapping, its speed, high precision. 5, three-dimensional relief, people, animals and plants of 3 d model. After image document through the gray analysis, document can generate surface, anaglyph, and photo three-dimensional carving processing. 6, can upgrade 4 axis and 5 axis machining. Using four axis, can complete all kinds of embossing wheel from design to production of CAD/CAM. 7, super hardness cutting processing, ultrafine word processing. 8, compatible with a variety of professional or special processing software, can read the so-called ICES, DXF etc, have complete tool library, can generate various kinds of high precision of cutting tool path. 9, open the post-processor.
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