CNC engraving machine how to do daily maintenance

by:Transon     2020-04-20
The net friend to ask: CNC engraving machine daily maintenance should pay attention to what issues? Yifan, nc: in the actual production, to maintenance of CNC engraving machine on a regular basis, to make it better play its effectiveness 1, every day to keep the job site clean, keep machine tools clean. When using the cutting fluid processing, to pay attention to the emissions of cutting fluid, avoid machining debris blocking cutting fluid drain hole, causes the cutting fluid spillover, damage machine other parts. 2, every day after work, will travel to the largest Z axis stroke and clean up the nose scraps in the slide. In order to avoid pollution, corrosion, guide rail. 3, attention to the quality of the spindle cooling water, flow rate, temperature and water pump working condition. It is strictly prohibited in the absence of cooling water. Cooling water should use pure water, do not use tap water, with larger alkaline regularly and timely replacement of cooling water, in case of damage to the spindle motor. 4, a day to clean the spindle motor card head and nut, to prevent the corrosion of debris or blockage card head, card head damage.
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