CNC engraving machine engraving cutter handling what need to pay attention to?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
As is known to all, CNC engraving machine is full automatic mechanical processing equipment, but no automated machinery and equipment, more or less some manual auxiliary is required. For example, now use range is very wide CNC engraving machine equipment, although it is full automatic carving process, but still need assisted to complete loading and unloading tools. So for carving machine loading and unloading tools need to pay attention to those factors and security sense? Speed the carving factory for cutting tools on the loading and unloading process in detail is introduced: 1, the knife, to use gasoline or WD40 germicides chuck and pressure cap. 2, to chuck in the pressure cap, knives are not drag is, if there is no clip clip inside pressure cap, unloading knife holder will clip cannot be unloaded in the motor shaft. 3, should pay attention to before clamping chuck and the selected tool match, otherwise tool cannot impaction. 4, the clamping tool, cutting tool clamp head out part shoulds not be too long, otherwise it is easy to produce in the process of machining vibration, affect the machining quality of workpiece surface. 5, tool change must assure spindle speed is zero, namely in a state is allowed to remove the tool spindle stop, otherwise easy to have the serious personal injury accidents. 6, if you use the presser foot, carving must presser foot with cleaner and clean up the dust on the spindle, the clamping tool again. 7, in the process of upward pressure screw cap, must to align the screw rotor, the pressure cap to hand in the case of effortless twist in place. 8, unloading knife, want to use air gun cleaning pressure cap and rotor shaft attle again after unloading knife. To operate in strict accordance with the engraving machine tool loading and unloading of common sense, can ensure the safety of loading and unloading problem already, also can avoid the happening of loading and unloading failure problem.
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