CNC engraving machine details

by:Transon     2020-04-21
(1) plastic pattern engraving for plastic, can be reposted tape on the back of carved material, and then will with a spray adhesive tape on one side of the spray liquid, after will be posted in a can void on the surface, so that we can avoid to use double-sided adhesive, and difficult to clean surface. Because a quote tape stripping and cleaning easily. Use special carved tape, the tape on one side than the other side of the strong viscosity, thus chart can move or replacement. (2) irregular shape for those irregular shape carved carved, seems to have been fixed on the surface is very tight, also before and after shaking when under pressure. At this time, you can try some waste in order to increase the friction pad under the object. The other is to keep the packing of the goods shipped, although is irregular shape of the object, but with its own packing may be very rules, and easy to be fixed, plus a small belt, irregular shape of the object is easy to be fixed. Or trial tool fixed rules, instead of the irregular parts. (3) is fixed with carved wooden engraving machine often equipped with multi-function pliers or card head, they are also the iron, so easy to be damage or carved make its slide in the process of carving, then choose some rubber cap or rubber tube was used for fixed carved would help. (4) diamond knife used correctly by the carved under pressure if is large, consider whether you must use a knife nose cone, if engraving machines diamond segment in the process of carving move when the pressure is too large, the pressure of the tool flank can cause by the movement of the carved work. If you use the incorrect diamond knife, can also lead to the same question. A 90 or 100 degrees diamond DaoHui into material sculpture, and makes the material movement in the process of carved. 5 pliers and the head of the selection of check whether carving chooses forceps or card head with wrong, at the same time, woodworking carving machine pliers or card head wear conditions will lead to be carved dislocation. Pliers or head if too tight, at the instant of the contact of the cutting tools were carved pop-up can also lead to be carved.
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