CNC engraving machine cutting knife the cause and the solution

by:Transon     2020-04-25
When we are in the use of CNC engraving machine, the workpiece processing to a half, suddenly encounter engraving machine cutting knife phenomenon, it is a headache thing, cause cutting knife is a lot of, are both the device itself also has the reason of the improper operation, the following to share a common cause of cutting knife and solution. CNC engraving machine cutting knife: engraving machine cutting tools for CNC engraving machine cutting tools are very important parts, if you use tool insufficient strength, inferior tool is easy to appear broken knife phenomenon. Carving material carving is processing object, if the material itself contains impurities, hardness is not even, can also cause cutting knife. Programming CNC engraving machine programming errors, such as setting up the cutting quantity of corridor, cause tool cannot afford, cutting knife. No spray cooling fluid some carving material hardness is larger, if the process of love, no spray cooling fluid, so easily lead to overheating tool, cutting knife phenomenon. How can we solve CNC engraving machine cutting knife? 1. Found in the process of operation engraving machine cutting knife, suddenly need to shut down equipment in a timely manner. 2. Record the cutting knife this paragraph of the program segment number. 3. When spindle stop running after new tools, need to pay attention to the height of the cutting tool in the tool change. 4. In the interface to input the start line segment, in general the number of input are smaller than just recorded the cornet. CNC engraving machine appear broken DaoHui affect the progress of the carving process, to avoid more loss, should be timely replacement of the new tool.
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