CNC engraving machine control system principle of work

by:Transon     2020-04-20
1, the main movement system and feed movement system is the control system of CNC engraving machine engraving machine CNC system including the main movement system and feed movement system two parts & quot; In view of the economical CNC engraving machine control system of the target accuracy is not high, the load change is not big, combined with the open loop control is simple in structure design and manufacture easy % % % cheaper easier to debug and easy maintenance etc, the system selects the open-loop control & quot; The main movement using open loop control of motorized spindle drive, as shown in figure & quot; Feed movement system driven by stepper motor open-loop control, its principle as shown & quot; Numerical control system, the information of workpiece after processing, the output command signal to the servo device, driving the spindle and worktable movement. Because there is no inspection feedback function, its precision mainly depends on the drive components and the performance of the stepper motor speed and control precision is under certain restrictions, but has good stability, debugging and maintenance more convenient. 2, stepper motor drive circuit graphic nc carving machine control circuit principle stepping servo system driven by stepper motor and stepper motor control circuit, As shown) Composition. System USES TA8435 special stepper motor driver chip will have a certain frequency and the direction of feed pulse conversion to control stepping motor each phase winding % power level signal, after power amplifier, sent to the stepper motor. Stepper motor through flexible coupling, ball screw converts pulse signal to displacement of moving parts, feed speed and feed direction, realize servo system control of the displacement.
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