CNC engraving machine control system hardware structure diagram

by:Transon     2020-04-19
CNC engraving machine control system based on ARM is mainly composed of PC, processor, control panel, hardware encryption, keyboard, digital to analog conversion of several parts, as shown in the figure below, upper machine mainly through the appropriate carving software to calculate the need to carve the G code of the image, and then put these data code through PCI bus in the dual port RAM, main controller is mainly taking out the inside of the dual port RAM data, calculate the location of the props props and then sent to the controller, at the same time it should be finished by keyboard human-computer interaction, software design, can according to the actual processor resource usage, let it take more calculation work, reduce the PC work, improve the real-time performance of the whole of the CNC engraving machine, the controller will also collect real-time field condition of a cutting tool, make corresponding measures according to actual working site. Hardware encryption key could not be copied system, have the effect of property rights, and because there are 3 in the whole system. The subsystem of the 3 v, there are 5. 0 v subsystem, it can also be on hardware reduces interference between the different power supply system, improve the stability of the system. Figure CNC engraving machine system hardware block diagram
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