CNC engraving machine common failures and solutions

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Structure elucidation: important by CNC engraving machine engraving machine, electric control cabinet, control computer, carving based local control software and so on, and carving machine tool by the mission, base, fixed task move of gantry and spindle. The spindle kedao in X and Z axis move, gantry move in the Y direction, to form three-dimensional three-axis linkage. Main function is introduced: CNC engraving function for various plane cutting material, two-dimensional sculpture, three-dimensional sculpture. The multi-function metal plaque engraving machine main function and advantages: powerful, multi-usage, whether to make bronze, stainless steel, titanium gold, aluminum and other metal surface engraving, carving decorative pattern and art graphic arts and crafts, etc. , can be easily done. Due to the powerful engraved plating CNC engraving machine, the work piece from large-format signs to tiny badges, nameplate, etc can be processed. Common failures and solutions: first, one of three axis shaft can't move, this time to check the corresponding shaft of the drive block is damaged. Inspection method can be used to replace method: will not move under the shaft of the aviation plug in other active on the shaft of the drive. Second, if the fixed axis after exchange ambulate normally, can show that the shaft of the drive block has been damaged, need to replace a good driver. If still won't do that cable fixed axis or replace defective cable or motor. Three axis are not move. At this time have check the three-axis air plug and control box connection is good, power control box is opened. Whether the data line and control box and control card connected to the PC host. Third, the spindle will not operate properly. Check the inverter of the LED display shows the error code.
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