CNC engraving machine CNC system software design characteristics

by:Transon     2020-04-21
( 1) CNC engraving machine CNC system software of the system adopts the man-machine interface in Chinese drop-down and pop-up menu structure, small fonts and characters of combining direct writing technology, menu, hot keys and mouse can be driven by the cursor key, is there any character and Chinese characters menu prompt two forms. When run automatically, tool processing, according to the track dynamic tracking man-machine interface easy to operate, visual image and the operator as long as according to the menu selection can be programmed, find processing instruction files, and carrying out various operations. ( 2) CNC engraving machine CNC system graphics programming function of the system is equipped with AutoCAD software and graphics, vector processing software and automatic scanning software programming software, graphics programming can be performed. To have good design ( Such as xu beihong galloping horse) Graphics scan vector quantization input, processing, and then to graphic editing and automatic programming. For some of the simpler design can be directly conducted on AutoCAD design, then automatic programming. AutoCAD software with powerful graphics editing functions, the graph scanning vector quantization and the combination of software and automatic programming software, make all sorts of complicated text design input and programming is not only efficient, but also convenient, intuitive, and reliable. ( 3) Dynamic simulation of the CNC system simulation function has two: one is according to certain proportion can display the processing trajectory and workbench plane can be seen from the machining path relative to the location and size of the table, and the biggest show process track coordinates size, make the operator to easily grasp the size of the processing pattern. Another is whether design size, the whole screen dynamically shown in the two views machining process, a view displays the idle motion locus of the cutting tool and cutting tool in machining on the surface of the pattern ( The diameter of the tool surface tangent cone and machining trajectory change round envelope) , and can undertake local amplification; Another view shows the cutting tool in dueling Z axis machining surface depth and position changes. Dynamic simulation of the speed can be adjusted at any time. By observing the dynamic simulation of the two views, the operator can be intuitive and convenient to find and machining of various procedures and test the correctness of the processing instructions. ( 4) Manual operation manual operation point move in addition to the general nc system and muscle function, but also has given the function of the size and speed of movement and processing, makes the tool position adjustment is more convenient, simple linear processing without any programming; Because turboC additionally provided only identify the keyboard if there is a key function of the press, without identification function press the button is released, the system defines the new keyboard interrupt function, makes the press key function of continuous dynamic, loosen the key is to stop moving. ( 5) Dynamic tracking shows that the system in addition to the dynamic display of cutting tool in the process of moving coordinate values of the three functions, in the process of processing also carry on the processing trajectory tracking display, with dynamic simulation showed that similar process; Difference between machining before the program is running, the design has been simulated on the screen, in the process of machining tool path display is another kind of color line along the path dynamically repeat, in front of the position of the tool change the same dynamic display in another view. The operator can observe the whole process of processing, through the screen and a clear idea of the rest of the processing capacity. ( 6) Run automatically run automatically is a core part of CNC engraving machine, CNC system, it according to the processing instructions for work. This part of the main program and interrupt service routines of two parts: the main program to complete the processing instruction decoding speed regulation and suspended stop, start, control, spindle motor drive control cutting tools and tool path in the process of the processing and dynamic tracing display, coordinates; The timer interrupt service routine by stepper motor interface clock control, complete the interpolation arithmetic, stepper motor and speed control operation. Linear interpolation integral method is used to complete, circle and arc using point by point comparison method. CNC engraving machine, CNC system and some other functions, and each has its own characteristics, such as processing as long as meet the next is the XY plane quickly empty instruction, the system will automatically control tool, tool processing program can ignore this instruction. System has the knife, back to zero, since the diagnosis and help information, and other functions, in this not introduced.
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