CNC engraving machine, CNC milling, the distinction and selection of high-speed milling

by:Transon     2020-04-26
In order to use the CNC engraving machine for best results, the model makers must spend enough time for testing the running situation of modern technology. Pay attention to the cutting head in reservation online is moving left or right, or straight along the line itself to move is very important. Not all materials are suitable for using CNC engraving machine for processing. Aluminum, brass, iron and stainless steel in the condition of chip can be used ( Usually 3 ~ 5 mm thickness) 。 Good quality, Molding) The biggest processing of organic glass thickness is 10 mm, plastics, such as polystyrene, too. Wood such as plywood, With multi-layer birch plywood and MDF, for example, the medium density fiberboard (MDF)) Also this kind of machine can be used in the development of domestic from the recent one or two years to have larger development, related processing factory and use the unit time with keen eyes staring at the factory, it is also a carving and milling machine manufacturer is not the real reason for lax. As the user to choose the right equipment, of course, if improper selection, not only can't make money, make a for the bitterness of the machine working situation. So what kind of machine tools is good? We believe that the good machine tool is defined as such: able to recoup their investment in the short term machine tools is good. The design of the nc machine tool service life generally for 7 years, mainly numerical control aspects of the service life of the subject, the proportion of such spend their money and relationship will directly affect your business, so careful selection of analysis function is a necessary condition for effective investment. In foreign countries have long engraving and milling machine of nouns ( 数控雕刻和铣床) Carving, strictly speaking is part of the milling, engraving machine is to buy or to buy CNC milling machining center are often ask their own questions. In addition, there are currently prevailing high-speed cutting machine ( HSC机器) 。 Let's first find out three models: 1, the numerical control milling and processing center for large amount of milling workpiece processing equipment 2, CNC engraving and milling machine for small milling, or soft metal processing equipment 3, high-speed cutting machine is used to complete secondary milling, and the milling after grinding with minimal amount of processing equipment for processing.
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