CNC engraving machine characteristics

by:Transon     2020-04-22
Current CNC engraving machine has a very wide range of applications, in furniture, woodworking, machinery, stone, advertising, exhibition display, such as many industry can use it, and make up for the manual sculpture and the deficiency of traditional nc machining at the same time, the biggest may absorb the advantages of both, both achieve mastery through a comprehensive, gradually formed the characteristics of the CNC engraving. 1, the processing of CNC engraving machine, mainly text, pattern, texture, small complex curved surface, thin wall parts, small precision parts, the rules of the art of the relief, etc. , these objects are characterized by small size, complex shape, fine product requirements. 2, in the aspect of processing technology, as a result of carving area small and complex, so the CNC engraving mainly use 6. 0 mm below the small tool for fine processing, carving the size of the products of high precision, good consistency of product, for there is a requirement for precision mold carving and batch product processing, has the vital significance. 3, the principle of nc carving is high speed milling, compared with the traditional nc machining, CNC carving, similar to the way of high speed milling was vividly called 'eat less' swift processing way. 4, the use of engraving machine low Labour intensity, high degree of automation, less reliance on the operator, automatic control system based on processing instruction tool motion control of CNC engraving machine, carving task, greatly reduce the labor intensity and the highly automated process that produces greatly reduces the degree of dependence on traditional manual sculpture operation skills.
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