CNC engraving machine carving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-24
For the difference between the CNC engraving machine and carving and milling machine, a lot of people are not clear. People intuitively sense is slightly below is engraving machine, large-format is engraving and milling machine, or carving machine and ornamental engraving and milling machine, or simply referred to large carving machine. In fact they are two different types of the structure of the machine, but the principle is roughly same, is driven by three axis X, Y, Z, controlled by the electronic controller to move. Points: from the use of engraving machine mainly used for plate engraving, a large number of applied to double color board or acrylic carving, carving a feed depth of about 1 mm 5 mm or so, common application in signs, signs. In terms of mechanical structure, the design of the engraving machine and lighter, X, Y axis movement speed is fast, the Z axis stroke is shorter, suitable for 5 mm - carving 8 mm material. Carving spindle head is equipped with spring pressure nose, medium voltage flat is used in the engraving process under 3 mm thin plate. Carved main shaft by the belt connected to the motor of the larger diameter, to make speed increases, so carved artifacts quality are relatively smooth. The use of engraving cutter is longer, length of about 15. 9 cm, diameter of 4. About 35 mm. Because of design limitations, it is suitable for the high speed engraving process of cutting volume is small. CNC engraving and milling machine can be understood as can do fine carving, cutting, will you do after. Do three-dimensional sculpture, for example, although the gap is very big, but the 200 mm wide materials can be once completed, a fairly large amount of feed. Engraving and milling machine is available for selection of cutting tool from 1 mm diameter specifications 16 mm, the tool length is 50 ~ 80 mm. We can use a flexible, thin knife dry slowly, with thick knife do great work. Pay attention to the heavy load due to machine design, frame rigidity is large, large travel Z axis, so can not only make small engraving machine technology, but also high speed cutting of thick plate, feed quantity of 20 mm - at a time 30 mm, this is the engraving machine doesn't do all the manufacture process.
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