CNC carving milling chance encounter what problem, how to solve

by:Transon     2020-04-22
If your CNC carving milling opportunities appear small problems, but don't know where the problem is, can come here to have a look. CNC engraving and milling machine machine in the process of work, three axis in one direction or does not move, causing dislocation of carving and milling, some parts have a problem or a loose bed, surface impurities, etc. Appear such as the coupling is loose, broken, dislocation, guide rail, screw on for a long time without cleaning refueling also can appear dislocation phenomenon. Voltage is too low to drive power supply is insufficient, can not meet the required for CNC engraving and milling machine power can also occur, it is possible that the voltage is not enough, or someone on the same line using the large power equipment such as electric welding, etc. The good solution is to install a 5000 - watt regulated power supply, but the error range of regulated power supply best not more than 5% to 3%. Stepper motor or servo motor does not move in one direction, then will happen, if the number of dislocation is not a lot. CNC carving and milling machine speed down, sometimes to normal carving milling that drives not completely damaged, conversely that drive completely broken.
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