Classified advertising engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-21
Can be classified two types: from the power size, one kind is small power advertising engraving machine, another kind is powerful advertising engraving machine. Small power engraving function of energy consumption is not big, generally between 80 w to 200 w, due to the smaller power engraving machine, so the smaller items, mainly used for carving is suitable for fine carvings, such as badges, arts and crafts processing, etc. High-power engraving machine generally in more than 700 watts of power, this kind of engraving machine engraving machine contains a low power function, also can undertake difficult carvings, such as the production of crystal words, billboards, stone carvings, material cutting and so on. Small power, by contrast, the carving machine using range is very small, generally 80% of the business cannot meet, choose to pay attention to according to the demand of choose and buy, can not only see the investment cost.
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