China laser equipment factory laser group 2016 year-end summary meeting was held in dongguan headquarters officially

by:Transon     2021-01-11
2016 is the transformation and upgrading of Chinese laser laser equipment factory group, product line, the key to break off bedding segment, in order to better review in 2016 and overall layout of each work, 2017, in the beginning of 2017, China laser laser equipment factory group headquarters in dongguan 2016 annual year-end summary meeting was held ceremoniously. The summary of the conference will last 9 days, including the system summary of the meeting, the marketing system of relaxing trip, the staff of the spring talkfest and advanced award ceremony and New Year party and so much.

on January 3, 2017 in & other; Build business platform, realizes the dream take off & throughout; As the theme of the marketing system to summarize the conference opened the prelude of the company group year-end summary meeting. Qiao ZhuoJinSong company general manager, sales director, each subsidiary director of sales and marketing systems department leaders and foreign trade business staff of about 123 people to participate in the three-day marketing conference. Conference contents mainly include 2016 existing problems of analysis, in 2017 the sales plan, various departments to communicate, etc.

a few days that followed, the administrative system, financial system, research and development system, production system will launch its own summary of the conference and the staff of the spring talkfest, and China's laser equipment factory in January 9, 2016 advanced laser group awards and 2017 winter jasmine party for this summary meeting on satisfactory full stop.

through these days of review meeting arrangement, the company will continue to show the rapid and vigorous development of the good weather, enhance friendship, strengthen cohesion. Strive to dream come true, all staff of China laser laser equipment factory group, rolled up his sleeves come on dry, integrate resources, improve the laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine and the robot industry research and development ability, and the company common progress and development.
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