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by:Transon     2021-01-11
Change the flexible mechanical wood? What is going on here?
let's warmly welcome today's guest & ndash; — Wood laser engraving machine for your wonderful explanation.

laser engraving machine carved desk calendar DodeCal rubik's cube selected European wutong wood after the superposition of three layers of wood adhesive, 12 surface grinding block body, subsequent 12 calendar shallow carving, before molding.

calendar each month just shows the 3 d spin on one side, like a rubik's cube to let a person full of curiosity. Can be in the hands of the play exquisite calendars, feel the charm of the traditional craft and modern design technology. Calendar for stereo, each engraved with the date on the surface, set function and design, suitable for any occasion.

good moment of all hope to be able to freeze in that one second, and happened to wood laser engraving machine can do this for you. The moment all of the details of the work, will all on the smooth wooden characterization, leaving eternal memorial, romantic, personality, wooden photo is also attracting the interest of you?

carved line effect is extremely good, carving depth, astute, no ink processing effect than, never fall off, also do not fade.

not only such, wood laser engraving machine can also be words carved in the wood, and photographs together into a book, a book written by you, to collect with your words and heart.

China laser equipment factory group recommended

CMA4030 tabletop laser engraving machine

mixer is small in size, save the production space, reduce cover an area of cost;
high precision linear guide, stepper motor driver, with light laser fast belt movement;
in pieces the exhaust system of environmental protection, high efficiency dust removal, reduce environmental pollution;
the effective work width 400 * 300 mm, the overall small volume, high precision carving, mainly suitable for wood, paper, plastic, acrylic materials such as fine processing.

MC60 - E- A CO2 laser marking machine

the digital high speed scanning galvanometer, speed, excellent stability;
in pieces in U. S. imported from rf CO2 laser and optical output power stability;
split type rack, independent work station, compact structure design, effectively save the user space of manufacturing; Pieces
the core of the powerful control main board and powerful upper software control system, can according to different optimization process for a variety of data processing, a key to support multiple languages.
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