carving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Problem description: there are customer met after carving machining closed don't work back to the origin, the machine is not zero, through the search information under the workshop ask workshop master. Solution: 1. Limit switch, the carving machine now basically with a limit switch, limit switch is damaged. 2. D macro card is damaged. 3. Within the DSP controller parameters are correct. 4. Check drawing file problem, change a file to try whether program problem? 5. After carving the closed d macro press F7 DSP press confirm to see if I can back to the origin of 6. From the control card to the limit switch wire has a virtual or short circuit 7. Or not is generated by the program. G28 back to the reference point of instruction to the workpiece origin? Operation no back is off the pulse. 8. Carrying on the system can set the processing is completed work back to the origin or in situ, or back to the designated parking spots! After carving machining is not the cause of the work back to the origin is basically the place. You can check according to the above.
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