Application of vector control technology in engraving machine Field

by:Transon     2020-03-25
Engraving machines are widely used in stone processing and various carving fields, providing great convenience for people's processing of various colors. Especially the application of vector control technology in sculpture field is even more so. The development of Vector Technology direct torque control technology of engraving machine is another high-performance engraving technology developed with the support of high technology after the development of vector control technology. Such control technology has created a novel engraving machine technology, it has the characteristics of simple structure system, which is suitable for application in the field of high-speed spindle drive, and can meet the dynamic performance of motorized spindle such as high operation, large-scale speed regulation and high-speed quasi-stop, it can also meet the static performance requirements of engraving machines, which is one of the hot technologies in the field of AC transmission of engraving machines. The application of vector control technology, the so-called engraving machine vector control technology is a technology that can be controlled by imitating DC motor in processing. It is oriented by rotor magnetic field in its work, the vector transformation technology is used to realize machine driving and high-specification control, which makes the engraving machine have good dynamic capability. When using the vector control driver, it has a huge torque force as soon as it starts, and combines the characteristics of simple structure and small inertia of its motorized spindle itself, the starting acceleration of the engraving machine is extremely fast and extremely high, and the limit speed can be reached in a very short time after the engraving machine is started. In actual operation, its driver is equipped with open-loop and closed-loop drive forms, which can realize timely feedback of position and speed operation, excellent operation dynamic performance and C- axis linkage function.
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