Analyze the 'resident evil: the final chapter of laser cutting corridor

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Friends, recently went to see the 'resident evil: the final chapter'? Waited for a few years, February 24, finally officially released in domestic
although mixed audience. But even for over 15 years & the other; Superman Alice war zombies & throughout; Tour of the picture has been less than satisfactory full stop. For laser sister 'resident evil' in the most classic and profound, is the terrifying & other; Laser cutting & corridor throughout; Now, to the classic!

friends see biochemical crisis, laser cutting are curious squares looks just a few light, why can partition, cutting line is so fine and complete?

in fact, the real & other; Laser cutting & throughout; Also have this ability, can match on high power fiber laser cutting machine is cutting off so hard materials such as steel. So, laser exactly is who, is really so bad? Laser sister today is to help solve the mystery, allowing you to more easily understand 'resident evil'.

crack & other; Laser cutting & throughout; Password
laser cutting laser beam is divided into very small spot, in the high power density beam focus, the resulting material temperature rise sharply, the laser spot and instant vaporization temperature, evaporation, the formation of the hole. Laser cutting as a starting point, according to the requirements of the processed workpiece shape, make the laser beam with workpiece according to certain relative motion path, forming cutting seam.

laser cutting ability of
laser cutting technology can cut various types of materials, including metal, nonmetal, inorganic and organic matter; Also can cutting wood, cloth, paper and other combustible material, even through the pervious to light material, the gathering of the beams within a pervious to light material of sealing material on every cutting. In addition, the processing surface quality is good, vertical seam cutting edge, smooth cutting edges, welding can directly without modification. Compared with other ways of cutting, laser cutting has great superiority, especially in the conventional way inconvenience cutting, laser cutting is a kind of effective tool for the irreplaceable.

to explore China's laser equipment factory group of laser cutting world

China laser equipment factory collection group, laser cutting machine cutting, carving, hollow out, such as processing technology as one, in another full of visual characteristics of technology and art of advertising gifts, bags shoes, lighting lighting, electronic appliances, metal plastic, textile and garment industries inject new vitality. Both on the speed, efficiency and process, laser equipment factory group, China will reveal the advantages of laser cutting and dripping wet is fine! And keep improving the production process, customized products and services, will be the best laser technology is dedicated to the people who need it the most.

biochemical fans are watching for & other; Laser cutting & throughout; A new understanding?
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